Jamel Johnson

Winner of Kumite 5.2 in winter 2016.

Victories: Jamel was the big winner at Kumite 5.2, held in March 2016.

Official Bio: Known in Colombia as " Yamel Yohnson", Jamel Johnson is a stand-up comedian from Woodbridge, Virginia. He is best known for his recurring role as Rowdy Boudy on the hit MTV series "Undressed". He burst onto the scene while creating the television show "Roc". Years later he successfully won a lawsuit over Jay-Z for the name "Roc Nation". He took his earnings and started the Lugz Racing Team and the Lugz Racing foundation which helps in the fight against Wade Boggs' Disease. One of these sentences is true.

Noted male feminist Jamel Johnson of Woodbridge, Virginia, has made a name for himself on the D.C. comedy scene through a hard-to-hate mixture of non-threatening yelling, weird stories and impressively specific but not alienating sports and music references. He lives for the laugh from the one dude in the back of the room who also watches too much Sportscenter and feels kind of OK about it even though really talented people work hard to write shows like The Wire.

Jamel’s comedy smoothly walks audiences through everything from racism to Law & Order: SVU, including the consequences of gentrification and how to tell if you can eat a pastry given to you by a drug addict who witnessed a murder last night.

Jamel performs regularly at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse and the DC Improv, mostly as a stand-up but at times appearing with his musical comedy group, Romane and Lettuce. He has performed at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City, the Upright Citizens Brigade theater and The Virgil in Los Angeles (including a set on Hot Tub with Kurt Braunholer and Kristen Schaal) and at the Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival in Washington, D.C. You might have seen him hosting trivia on shrooms at some point, too.

Website: jameljohnson.com

Twitter: @nonprofitcomic

Instagram: @broccolihouse

Kumite Entrance Video