Jason Weems

Winner of Kumite 6.1 and Kumite 6.2 in spring 2016.

Victories: Jason won two tournaments in one night: Comedy Kumite 6.1 and 6.2 in May 2016.

Official Bio: A native of Baltimore City, Jason Weems is striving to become a comedic great. He’s spent many years working with kindergartners, which has left him with severe panic attacks and has shaped his humor in a very unique way. His very engaging & conversational style on stage leaves audiences feeling like they’ve just finished talking to a close friend, and it simultaneously acts as free therapy for him. That’s what he calls a Win-Win.

Jason has been seen at the most prestigious “By Invitation Only” comedy festival in the world, The Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal and recently added a featured semi-finalist credit to his name on the hit NBC Series Last Comic Standing. In December 2010, he filmed his first hour comedy special entitled Jason Weems, Vol. 1: Intellectual Property in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland that is being released independently. Keep your eyes open for him performing in your city, because it’s just a matter of time before his “Good Ass Jokes” are worldwide.

Website: jasonweemscomedy.com

Twitter: @jweemscomedy

Instagram: @jasonweemscomedy

Kumite Entrance Video