Tim Miller

Winner of Kumite 7.2 in summer 2016 and Kumite 15.1 in spring 2018.

Victories: Tim was the champ at Kumite 7.2 in August 2016.

Official Bio: Tim's aggressive but endearing comedy style creates a show worth seeing more than once. His life as a sheltered son of Pentecostal ministers from Waco, TX, and working at the White House (during three administrations) has made for an energetic show that combines a dynamic stage presence with an energetic delivery. Or in Tim's words ...

"Oh, so you want to know more about me huh? Well hang onto your butts ladies and gentlemen. I'm a stand-up comedian from Texas, born and raised. I joined the Army, which somehow led me to Washington D.C. where I currently reside. I've had a passion for comedy all of my life. It was my mother who said, 'if you can't laugh through life then the hell with ya!'"

Website: timmillercomedy.com/

Twitter: @TimDamone

Kumite Entrance Video